Art To Be Framed

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Art To Be Framed

Custom Workshops

Learn to frame from a certified professional framing master

Framing Workshops with Lodging

The novice will leave the class with the confidence, skills and design sense of a seasoned framer. The seasoned professional will acquire the skills to advance his or her artistic abilities to the next level. As with my picture framing, classes are customized to meet your creative and technical needs.  

I provide a five-day customized picture framing workshop in a retreat setting. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated after spending a week in beautiful Dorena learning to enhance and refine your custom picture framing skills.

Bring a friend or partner! I offer the option to bring a friend or partner to vacation in the Cottage Grove / Eugene area while you are in class. Eugene offers numerous cultural and recreational activities for visitors with diverse interests. You companion can partake in lodging, dining and visiting while you are in class for an additional $500.

You will learn...

  • Measuring techniques
  • French Matting
  • Glass etching
  • Fillets
  • Faux Finishes
  • Multiple openings
  • Mounting techniques
  • Stacking molding
  • V groves
  • Frame assembly
  • Fitting properly
  • Materials and tools
  • A potourri of framing tips
  • Work Shop Design
  • How to think outside the box
  • Using framing materials, be creative *beyond the frame
  • How to know your client
  • Up scale your design

Retreat Benefits

  • You will leave with 10-12 finished pieces of your own art framed
  • Inspiring learning experience
  • Relaxing retreat environment
  • One-on-one customized instruction
  • Each course is designed to meet your skill level and creative expression
  • The work shop is available after hour to practice what you learn during the class.
  • I ask the guest(s) to supply their own artwork. I want you to leave with something of personal value!


  • Tuition is $1,800
  • Include 5 days of instruction and 6 nights of accommodation / lodging
  • All class materials are included
  • Ask about second person taking class.

Reviews from Former Students

“To anyone considering a class in framing:

Having recently retired  my wife Karen and I now had the time to work on various projects that we had postponed for years. First and second most important on our list was to create a ‘family wall’ with family pictures and to mat and frame the various paintings that we collected over forty five years of marriage. So with the high cost of framing we thought a class in mating and framing pictures and paintings would be appropriate.

After some searching my wife found information about a class given by Sandra Landes with ‘Art to be Framed’ in the town of Mount Shasta, CA. The class was five days long, the instruction was one-on-one, a bedroom in their home was included in the cost, and I could work on art and photos that I brought from home.

Her method of teaching was hands on. After showing me how she watched and instructed as I did the work. I learned about the proper materials, the various typed of mats, how to create the various mat designs, how to cut frames and glass correctly, and how to use the left over frames to create beautiful boxes. By the end of the class I had seven beautifully mated and framed pieces of art, a shadow box with my military memorabilia, and a beautiful jewelry box. Using the standard price setting method I more than paid for the class.

If you are looking for a class on learning or to improve your skills I highly recommend that you consider this class. Sandra can provide you with my email address if you’d like to hear from me personally.”

~Ed Tabacco, Riverbank, California 

“Oh my gosh! What a fun week. Two days after I left my hands missed having such creative fun.  All my finished pieces (all thirteen of them!) have been a huge show-and-tell hit.  Sandra is a great teacher and she and Johnny were wonderful hosts.  I’d refer anyone to Sandra, it was better than I expected.”
~ Greenwind Monterey, Massachusetts 

“A week here is beyond words. The surroundings, the best. Sandra’s knowledge and skills of picture framing made me excited to return home and start making money from what I learned.” “Hospitality, relaxed and fun, a better week we could not have had. The course full and enriching, Sandra’s home gallery beyond words, something new to see everywhere you look. She has more creative talent then we could think up together.” “Besides totally “loving” the class, I totally loved Mt.Shasta. For no other reason if you wanted to learn to be a better or expert picture framer this is the place to go. I’ve been to the hotel classes. In a week here I’ve learned more then in 3 to 4 years worth big city class trips.” “Your home was more charming than it looked on the website and the workshop was a wonderful learning experience.”
~Steven and Kathleen, Colorado

My friends won’t believe what I’ve learned. They wondered why go all the way to California. What a great week! The framed work I brought home was unbelievable.”
~ Denise B., St. Paul, Minnesota

The week was more then I expected. Sandra and Johnny’s hospitality was warm and welcoming. Sandra’s one on one style of teaching and the stay in their home made learning fun and easy. Not to mention Sandra’s been there every time I’ve made a “help me” call.”
~Scott H., Frisco, Texa

“I’ve taken a couple of hotel framing workshops — this is the Cadillac!”
~Howard M. Forestville, CA

Lodging Information

Sandra is pleased to welcome guests to her amazing cottage and framing studio in magnificent Dorena, Oregon! The studio sits on an acre surrounded by woods and bordering the crystal clear Row River. There is private river access and the property is within view of the historic 1949 Dorena Covered Bridge. The Row River Trail is adjacent to the property and is excellent for walking, jogging, and biking. 

Accommodations include the following:

  • Light breakfast, lunch, and snacks based on your preference
  • At the end of the day, enjoy a glass of wine, tea, and munchies from local artisan bakeries and eateries
  • WiFi
  • Satellite Television
  • River Access
  • Use of workshop after hours
  • Friendly company
  • Vintage Full Size (Double) Bed
  • Shared access to kitchen, refrigerator, and microwave
  • Coffee or tea, guest preference, prepared every morning
  • Lunch is usually a light snack
  • Guests have 2nd Master room, complete with a private bathroom

Other Stay Details:

  • Check-in: 12:00 pm (ish)
  • Check-out: 3:00 pm (ish)
  • A 25%, non-refundable, deposit is required to secure your stay, with the balance due when you arrive to check in.

Make Your Stay an Artist's Retreat or a Crafter's Dream Getaway

Relax and unwind while you have fun creating! Discover a perfect couples getaway within a days’ drive from Seattle or the California Bay Area. Come for one of two different 2-day workshops. Stay 5 nights and 4 days in peaceful Dorena, Oregon.  It’s your choice: the mini-crafters dream holiday, where you learn to picture frame, or an artist’s getaway, where we will paint your items in decorative folk art style (faux) painting. Either way, you’ll learn new skills and enjoy a truly great country getaway in my newly renovated River Home. Cost for two students is $1,250 (A 25%, non-refundable, deposit is required to secure your stay, with the balance due when you arrive to check in).

On your non-workshop days, enjoy the relaxed beauty of the Row River and all that the Oregon Country can offer. The renowned Row River Trail, adjacent to the property, is known by the bikers and joggers who enjoy it regularly. If you would also like to take advantage of the river access or nearby trail, make sure to bring along your river gear, cycling equipment or appropriate running/hiking footwear!

Your bedroom is a 2nd master with a shared bath. Vintage appointments including a 1930-ish family double bed and a small private sitting area for TV viewing. Enjoy the large deck and personal access to the River.

I ask the guest(s) to supply their own artwork. I want you to leave with something of personal value! 

Speaking with me by phone is very important to me. You may contact me via email or mail, but I highly advise that you call, as I prefer to converse directly with you in helping you figure out your getaway plans.

Examples of Decorative Folk Style Painted Items