Art To Be Framed

Custom Picture Framing

I work in the place where Art and Framing are one.

You name it, here's why you should frame it

Framing is a timeless tradition that captures and preserves one’s cherished pieces and personal history. Framing has practical applications as well.  A quality frame can protect your priceless photos and documents from fading, smoke damage, and even moisture.

Art to Be Framed offers framing for:

  • Watercolors
  • Oil paintings
  • Photography — wedding and family photos
  • Interior decor art
  • Tapestry, fabrics, and needlework
  • Mirrors
  • Heirlooms
  • Diplomas, awards, certificate
  • Sports memorabilia
  • All works of art, on any medium
  • And More!

Delivery and Installation Options

Free pick up, delivery and installation for local (Cottage Grove and Creswell) addresses and $10 for Eugene and Springfield area. Outside of those areas is variable, depending on distance. Contact me for multiple item installation cost. 

“My home has become a magnificent gallery of Sandra’s work. She’s painted my dressers, my sofa table, my cupboards, framed several pieces of art which adorn my walls, she made my jewelry box, and a custom Valentine’s Day card which I keep and display proudly. The skill that was applied was that of a true artisan.”

~Jessica Ingels Mount Shasta, CA

“Quality custom picture framing will outlast the carpeting & furniture in your home as well as any appliance you purchase. It can be passed from generation to generation and still look as good as when it was purchased. A custom picture frame will never lose value.”

~ J. Orr

“Framing is not just about picture framing—it’s about design and the ability to execute the design.”

 ~ Sandra Landes

“Sandra is the most professional and artistic framer we have ever known. Her knowledge of materials and their application result in a stylish and artistically enhanced work of art. Sandra is an artist. Her work first enhances the art, never distracting from it. She is truly a master at her trade.” 

~ Crystal Swan, Artist and Gallery owner and DeLeon Growbowski, Framer and Gallery owner

“We at Classic Trends in Design, had the privilege of working with Sandra for seven years when she owned The Corona Gallery Ltd. She handled all our framing needs. Her professionalism and service to our clients and us was outstanding. Sandra’s attention to detail, sense of color and scale while keeping the integrity of the art a priority, makes her framing skills second to none.”

~ Diane and Lori, Classic Trends, Riverside , CA

“Hankins Design worked with Sandra Landes and The Corona Gallery for many years, before she moved to Santa Fe, N.M. Sandra’s ability to design and execute a project is amazing. We collaborated on many design spaces from Palm Springs to Washington, D.C. Sandra’s level of skill and overall craftsmanship is more than professional, it’s personal.”

~Debra Hankins, Hankins Design, Corona, CA

Framing Treasured Items Can Produce Customized Gifts For Anyone

From time to time our creative streak takes hold and we must adhere to it’s whim… and find that it leads to great results and unique gift opportunities!

Sandra can create unique, one-of-a-kind items like those pictured here. She creates these special treasures by hand, using up-cycled supplies like jewelry boxes, photo keepsake boxes, heirloom-quality cards, and other special items that can be found at local retail outlets. Order your special and unique gift for your loved one by contacting Sandra directly to discuss your idea.

Contact the Artist

The best way to contact Sandra at Art To Be Framed is simply to call, though you may also get more contact information here.