Framing Testimonials

“Sandra is the most professional and artistic framer we have ever known. Her knowledge of materials and their application result in a stylish and artistically enhanced work of art. Sandra is an artist. Her work first enhances the art, never distracting from it. She is truly a master at her trade.” ~ Crystal Swan, Artist and Gallery owner and DeLeon Growbowski, Framer and Gallery owner
“We at Classic Trends in Design, had the privilege of working with Sandra for seven years when she owned The Corona Gallery Ltd. She handled all our framing needs. Her professionalism and service to our clients and us was outstanding. Sandra’s attention to detail, sense of color and scale while keeping the integrity of the art a priority, makes her framing skills second to none.” ~ Diane and Lori, Classic Trends, Riverside , CA
“Hankins Design worked with Sandra Landes and The Corona Gallery for many years, before she moved to Santa Fe, N.M. Sandra’s ability to design and execute a project is amazing. We collaborated on many design spaces from Palm Springs to Washington, D.C. Sandra’s level of skill and overall craftsmanship is more than professional, it’s personal.” ~Debra Hankins, Hankins Design, Corona, CA

Workshop Testimonials

“To anyone considering a class in framing:

Having recently retired  my wife Karen and I now had the time to work on various projects that we had postponed for years. First and second most important on our list was to create a ‘family wall’ with family pictures and to mat and frame the various paintings that we collected over forty five years of marriage. So with the high cost of framing we thought a class in mating and framing pictures and paintings would be appropriate.

After some searching my wife found information about a class given by Sandra Landes with ‘Art to be Framed’ in the town of Mount Shasta, CA. The class was five days long, the instruction was one-on-one, a bedroom in their home was included in the cost, and I could work on art and photos that I brought from home.

Her method of teaching was hands on. After showing me how she watched and instructed as I did the work. I learned about the proper materials, the various typed of mats, how to create the various mat designs, how to cut frames and glass correctly, and how to use the left over frames to create beautiful boxes. By the end of the class I had seven beautifully mated and framed pieces of art, a shadow box with my military memorabilia, and a beautiful jewelry box. Using the standard price setting method I more than paid for the class.

If you are looking for a class on learning or to improve your skills I highly recommend that you consider this class. Sandra can provide you with my email address if you’d like to hear from me personally.” ~Ed Tabacco, Riverbank, California 

“Oh my gosh! What a fun week. Two days after I left my hands missed having such creative fun.  All my finished pieces (all thirteen of them!) have been a huge show-and-tell hit.  Sandra is a great teacher and she and Johnny were wonderful hosts.  I’d refer anyone to Sandra, it was better than I expected.” ~ Greenwind Monterey, Massachusetts 
“A week here is beyond words. The surroundings, the best. Sandra’s knowledge and skills of picture framing made me excited to return home and start making money from what I learned.” “Hospitality, relaxed and fun, a better week we could not have had. The course full and enriching, Sandra’s home gallery beyond words, something new to see everywhere you look. She has more creative talent then we could think up together.” “Besides totally “loving” the class, I totally loved Mt.Shasta. For no other reason if you wanted to learn to be a better or expert picture framer this is the place to go. I’ve been to the hotel classes. In a week here I’ve learned more then in 3 to 4 years worth big city class trips.” “Your home was more charming than it looked on the website and the workshop was a wonderful learning experience.” ~Steven and Kathleen, Colorado
“My friends won’t believe what I’ve learned. They wondered why go all the way to California. What a great week! The framed work I brought home was unbelievable.” ~ Denise B., St. Paul, Minnesota
“The week was more then I expected. Sandra and Johnny’s hospitality was warm and welcoming. Sandra’s one on one style of teaching and the stay in their home made learning fun and easy. Not to mention Sandra’s been there every time I’ve made a “help me” call.” ~Scott H., Frisco, Texas
“I’ve taken a couple of hotel framing workshops — this is the Cadillac!” ~Howard M. Forestville, CA

Faux Painting Testimonials

“My home has become a magnificent gallery of Sandra’s faux finish work. She’s painted my dressers, my sofa table, my cupboards, framed several pieces of art and prints which adorn my walls, she made my jewelry box, and a custom Valentine’s Day card which I keep and display proudly. The skill and consideration that was applied when choosing colors and design in my pieces was that of a true artisan.” ~Jessica Ingels Mount Shasta, CA