Custom Picture Framing Services

Framing is a timeless tradition that captures and preserves one’s cherished pieces and personal history.

Framing has practical applications as well.  Did you know that a quality frame can protect your priceless photos and documents from fading, smoke damage, and even moisture?

“Quality custom picture framing will outlast the carpeting & furniture in your home as well as any appliance you purchase. It can be passed from generation to generation and still look as good as when it was purchased.

A custom picture frame will never lose value.”

-J. Orr

Art to Be Framed offers fine art framing for:

  • Watercolors
  •  Oil paintings
  •  Photography—wedding and family photos
  • Interior decor art
  •  Tapestry, fabrics, and needlework
  • Mirrors
  •  Heirlooms
  •  Diplomas, awards, certificate and
  •  Sports memorabilia
  • All works of art on any medium

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Custom Picture Framing services—affordability with expertise

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“Framing is not just about picture framing—it’s about design and the ability to execute the design.”

 ~ Sandra Landes